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  2. maybe remove the effects over her face (big focal on right) maybe change the colour on the c4ds to match a colour on her costume? this would help with the blending (making it a flowing image) Keep up the good work
    • Well it is so nice to be back, Freddie, you know I only do facebook timeline covers or photomapulation, I hope that is still ok, for posting in large art Hub....
    1. Freddie


      That is fine. Art is art, and whatever makes you happy is fine by me 4u6

  3. Awesome Piece....
  4. Needs more skulls and heads in the background, to go with the voodoo focal... Cool colouring though and it's great to see art from you
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  7. Been watching way too much AHS lol
  8. First thoughts - its a little bit blue Second thoughts - the blue line on the left might need a little more blending Overall - it looks like a well thought out piece
  9. i like the adjusted version...the colours pop more imo great work Freddie
  10. sweet link Freddie, TFTS
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  16. This is the dragon design I used for the T-Shirt competition here. I have made a few adjustment changes and I would like your opinion. Version used for the competition: Version with the adjustment changes:
  17. true...i do see what you are talking about tbh what happened was i was adding these sick c4ds that my friend had made and they endded up becoming my bg/
  18. SICK, tuts plz
  19. Something doesn't seem to balance with the lighting. Sorry, I'm not sure. Its the front arm, seems to have white light on it! or that might just be me! Interesting effects and colouring
  20. agreed, not my usual type of piece...ty for your CnC
  21. Its a good piece, the colours on the render are good. Sorry, it feels a little flat. Not like your usual stuff. Keep going though
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