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  8. This is the dragon design I used for the T-Shirt competition here. I have made a few adjustment changes and I would like your opinion. Version used for the competition: Version with the adjustment changes:
  9. true...i do see what you are talking about tbh what happened was i was adding these sick c4ds that my friend had made and they endded up becoming my bg/
  10. SICK, tuts plz
  11. Something doesn't seem to balance with the lighting. Sorry, I'm not sure. Its the front arm, seems to have white light on it! or that might just be me! Interesting effects and colouring
  12. Earlier
  13. agreed, not my usual type of piece...ty for your CnC
  14. Its a good piece, the colours on the render are good. Sorry, it feels a little flat. Not like your usual stuff. Keep going though
  15. I love the render, Mikey with attitude I really like the colours and the effects are good. Keep going with the cool inspirational pieces
  16. nice work mate KIU
  17. render used :
  18. V3, sup mate. been time yo
  19. very nice mate, loving the atmos and perfectly KIU
  20. N I C E !
  21. its great to see a piece from you. I would had added a light source, as there appears to be a light and the face and hair and the left side of the hood. Nothing bright, as it would mess with the atmosphere. Keep going
  22. Haven't done 1 in ages. Finally got the chance to let my mind play with the tag.
  23. Great Piece! KIU
  24. @MaloneI really like the work you have done in the background and the changing of the colouring is great I may have used some of the chain, coming from the Prince and heading back in to the back ground. Maybe making it smaller and blurred slightly. The eye will follow it and it should help add depth. I'm not saying you having no depth. Any way, I really like what you have done, its a great piece.
  25. - Signature - Theme : Prince of Persia Dimensions : 736x315 Imglur :
  26. How to Create Seamless Textures in Photoshop – Repeatable Patterns In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create seamless textures in Photoshop. We will use the Clouds Filter to generate the texture. But after learning the technique taught in this tutorial, you should be able to use any other image that you like. When creating a repeating tile texture from the same image you need to make sure that you remove the seam. Otherwise, you will see a hard edge where the sides of each image meet. To remove those seams or edges, you can use the Offset filter. This filter makes allows you to move the edges to a different part of the image so that you can see them better, and edit them if you need to. Link to Tutorial
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