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  1. Goes with the [Grux] and the entire upcoming [Paragon] set.
  2. Uh yea. Self rendered, everything done from scratch basically. Love me my grunge :3
  4. Do you have Discord? If not, get it. I'll tell you everything there lol Discord is the new skype btw. Wayyyyyyyyy better
  5. For a first smudge, great job. Keep working on the style, don't switch to another. You have potential to be good at it.
  6. The school of dreams is back up on this website's sister website, (actually a lot of people here are students ^_^) It's good to see you back in the community, that is if this is Stealth14?
  7. Peril. Anguish. Alone. The Lone Wolf fights the hoard. This is a [Level-Two] tutorial tag for the 'School of Dreams' Or will be shortly as I write up the tutorial along with my solitude.exe
  8. This is a .PSD available to SoD students once they reach [Level-Two] or will be shortly as i make it into a tutorial lol
  9. 100% Mouse and smudge on my end. This one took a LONG TIME to get right. Check out the original stock as a comparison (linked at bottom of post). Credit to the OG artist for the stock. I claim no originality other than the new smudge, textures, and all other added effects which were hand done by myself in Photoshop. OGSTOCK
  10. 100% Mouse and smudge, similar to my other majora smudge OGSTOCK
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