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  1. 1st is hawt. Really hawt. Fantastic job. Me and a friend were just looking through your dA gallery, (She was smitten by your work and insisted we discuss/gush over each one, lol) when we saw the second. We both wished there was a larger version, the smaller canvas making it difficult to see all the cool stuff. And then I pop here, see just what I'd wished for. Though now I am saddened. Why would that wish be granted? Could've wished for dat talent. >_> Not a massive fan of the smudge, inspite of its quality. Just have an anti-smudge ethos rocking atm. BUT it has a lot more depth than is often found and that is definitely something to commend. GJ, man. Keep the stuff coming, please.
  2. I couldnt think of a way to visualise the "Oh, shit, I stood on a lego mine" that the wee lass had going on. I thought murder traingle might do it, considering the angling of her neck, heh. Not really. It was just a happy coincidence I hadnt noticed till you pointed it out. As for the title, I think Murder Triangle is just fine. Shame I cant edit the titling here though. Woe is me, etc. etc. Thanks for the comments, bud. Very much appreciated!
  3. Very interesting to look at, super colourful and very creative. I really like that. I've a slight issue with the water* in that it's looking too soft and too hard at the same time. I think a little moretexture to it and some spray would better fit the transition between that hard, textured surface at the bottom and the smooth, painting-esque look that covers the top. Could be nitpicky though, or merely personal preference. Would love to see another in this style.. You have something very interesting going on.
  4. More texture based work. Was also an attempt at bringing colour to a BNW image. Had desaturated it and then started adding colour. Think I got a fairly natural look to the whole thing. CnC would be appreciated.
  5. That first is straight up sex. I love it. Final pic is sweet too! I didnt realise it were introductions. Welcome, welcome, dude or dudette.
  6. There's two ways to do it: When you have a layer, on the bottom of the your layer toolbar, you'll have delete, new layer etc. but you want the one with a rectangle with a circle inside. Click it. That's your vector mask. (Alternatively, you can right click your layer name, on that same toolbar.) The trick with using it, is using the brush tool to remove parts from vision, without removing them the layer itself. A black brush removes parts from the image. A white brush adds things black. I would be quite surprised if you haven't used this already. Probably just call it something else. And as for working together, just tell me who starts and what sort of style you want to go for. (I'm game for anything but smudge!)
  7. Preaching to the choir, buddy. Im not a massive fan of this one. It seems a bit too wide, for a singular focal point. The texture use is ok but a little rough too. Do you remove parts of textures? If not, add a vector mask and cut, cut, cut. Also, that horizontal crack really breaks up your flow. Finally, I see a bunch of small area's that suffer from over-sharping or too much saturation. Just be sure to keep checking for those things. Seems like your pieces often have that one little area that just needs a bit of smoothing out. Otherwise, I think you're on the right track with this. Although, I'm afraid I'm not much help in terms of technique sadly. Just keep at it, you'll get there. P.s. I like the text usage. There were only rreally two places I think that sort of addition wouldve helpped and you got it one them. GJ on that.
  8. Render looks a bit out of place, with the red hue against a blue colour scheme. Particularly one so heavy in lighting effects. Further more, you have some out of place colours that just dont make any sense with so little of it. Meaning, the purples, reds, greens dotted sporadically on the left/right of your image. It has a nice look to it and a generally very clean image, marred only by some slight hiccups like pixelation and oversharpening. Finally, I dont like the text's presentation, it's not anywhere near easy enough to read. Otherwise though, I like the overall tone and the simplicity to it. You nearly got it spot on, so dont be disheartened that I dwelt on niggling things. KIU!!! Some tips for text: RO3: If you can, without disrupting composition, pull it towards one of the power points and remember, [again, providing it doesnt ruin the composition of your image] the bottom third of your image is an ideal area for text. Colours: Never go dark on a dark image. Always try to bare in mind values and contrast. If you're adding text, it needs to stand out to some degree. Not necessarily to be hugely conspicuous but so you shouldn't have to look for it. Be sure to set the anti-aliasing to crisp, of course and try avoiding making it too small. This is doubly true with fonts that use pencil thin vertical lines or calligraphic fonts. At a certain point, they start to blend in and look very LQ. We dont want that. [PS: I am by no means an authority on typography, it's just what Ive found to work the best.]
  9. Looks like a solid attempt and I love the overall look you developed with it. Not really anything "wrong", that I can see, barring the text. (Is this becoming a regular comment? I hope you dont mind! Haha) It's not bad, I just kind of want a silky, well defined bit of text to accompany it. Just a tad too grainy and inconspicuous for my taste. But, that's not to say you got it wrong and it needs changing.
  10. Would love a sneaky peak at one of those .psd's. There's almost a niche look to your work I dont often see. So... Yeah. /nudgenudgehinthint/
  11. Oh, man. Dont scare me like that. For a quick moment, I thought you chose the Birth of Hero font for a tut. I was contemplating your murder. Looks great though, a solid entry point for smudging. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Im going to have to say that the coloured version is superior. Very fitting tone with it that way, imo. The other doesn't seem like a true BnW, nor a sepia. It has a sort of low sat brown tint to it, which I dont particularly enjoy, generally. Text good be a bit bigger, it's size and the lack of contrast between it and the surrounding area make it look LQ and is hard to make out. Love this style though, so simple. Nice job!
  13. Open texture, set layer mode, adjustment masks. (Wash, Rinse, Repeat) At least, that was my method. I haven't got it down yet, so it's possible I went all the wrong ways, haha. HLEV seems fantastic with them though, should try harass him into making a tut. Thanks for the comments, you two. It's much appreciated!!
  14. It's a sad day when the first image I make with a semi-creative name is spawned from a joke between me and a friend. I decided to finally try my hand at a predominantly texture based tag. My usual process for trying new styles is to try a few and delete them, till I get one Im happy with. SHe wasnt amused by this (As we are supposed to share every piece) So, I promised to save and send, before I kill it. Hence the jape. Oh, well.. Comments and critique would be wonderful, I'm really not sure what's missing with it.
  15. Love it! SSuper cool piece. Maybe a touch more blurring to the right and burn tool on your render wouldnt go amiss but otherwise, a cool piece. KIU!