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  1. Nice man!
  2. Welcome to the Mad House!
  3. Sorry I havent been online as of late I will be making a return now that my life wont be so busy :D

    1. Freddie


      That as they say, is life :)

  4. very nice for a first smudge which mine looked that good when i first did one lol Keep up the Amazing Work!
  5. welcome to the forum and the family! If you need anything please let me or any member of our staff and they will help you out. Feel free to join our competitions!
  6. Welcome to the Forums if you need anything please let me or anyone on the staff know about it and they will help you. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you find lots of helpful and useful tutorials.
  7. Dang man when did you make that Halo one? I love it! The Smudge aint bad man I like the look of it ! Keep up the Amazing Work!
  8. Hey man, Its good to see you and I must say that is a very nice Portfolio!
  9. Anytime!
  10. Thank you for the share! they Look amazing love that first one!
  11. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to have a look around post in the forums. If you need anything please let me or anyone on the staff know Love you last tag its really cool
  12. You are welcome sorry about it not being turned on totally forgot lol I rembered and was like how can you be a signature forum when members can't use signatures lol
  13. You can use Signatures here I fixed that last night I forgot that it wasn't turned on sense all the updates of the forum and the problems we had sorry about that, but you can find it under your account settings
  14. Welcome to the Family! I hope you enjoy your stay here! If you need anything let me know