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  1. Pretty happy with outcome
  2. Hmmm...
  3. My smudge legit sucks i quit it in the middle of process and just slap some adjusments ^^ i wish i'am more patient with it.
  4. Its super cool except oil paint part and especialy white parts.
  5. I'am not familiar with this style so i don't have much to say apart from that i think v2 looks the best its like from manga page
  6. Didnt smudged for a while this one sucks
  7. Did you used topaz or its just me ? Kinda want it to be more sharp with details extracted.
  8. can you PM me a stock you used this girl is absolutly amazing ! For your first try on textures tag its good result i like how smooth it is with textures itself you could be more creative for sure and those white dots bugging me a little bit. Also i have long long long road ahead of me to be fantastic with textures i would say iam little below average with them tbh. On tutorial part i probably can share my PSDs , but making text tutorial its pain the ass
  9. Newest piece:
  10. I guess i will share some of my stuff ^^ Gotta start somewhere http://hlevn.deviantart.com/