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  1. Really good. Background is kinda empty and therefore tags feels too big. I like how it blends though, I'd say add some more color to the background too! Keep it up!~
  2. I love the text "YOUR NAME" but no fav of the other text, still experimenting is always good and rewarding. Overall though, it's great so keep it up!~
  3. I love the colors! Nice tag, but using the more than one render on a tag is actually really difficult and sometimes not really worth it. I'd remove the violin though. Overall it's a beautiful tag, keep it up!!~
  4. Ayeeee welcome, glad to have you here!! ^^
  5. Thank you both!! I'm also glad to be here ^^
  6. It's no problem!! Glad you liked them :]
  7. Alright, thank you!! ^^
  8. Oh, I love the effects! The colors are nice in my opinion, but the lines on the right kinda bother me. Also I believe if the text wasn't that blurred it'd be better. I like the border, even though most people would disagree with me. Lastly, the use of dodge/burn tool could be handy here. Overall, a beautiful tag!! Keep it up! :]
  9. Click the outcomes for tutorials. I made these tutorials and tags between 2010-2014, so I wasn't as good and moreover there could be some grammar errors due to me not being that decent with my English back then. Starting with the most recent tutorials. Sci-Fi Tag Tutorial: Blue Flame Tag Tutorial: Baby Fox Tag Tutorial: Dual Wielder 2011 Tag Tutorial: Dead Space Tag Tutorial: Be Asleep Kingdom Hearts Tag Tutorial: Kingdom Hearts Tutorial: EVERYTHING Tag Tutorial: FlameMan Tag Tutorial: Spidey Tag Tutorial:
  10. Ayee, I'm Panayiotis, known as DragonZekrom on dA! Just decided to make an account and spent some time on these forums, as well as try to help anyone to improve on tagging and at the same time improve myself. Some of my recent tags: