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  1. Fixing to get ready for lala land...can't wait to get up in the morning and start doing more work....Have a Great Evening 

    1. Freddie


      Nice, I hope that you enjoyed it :D

  2. Cool Anime photo, as your cover photo, my daughter loves Anime 

  3. I was busy this evening, wanted to share...its a tutorial from deviantart....
  4. The size of the piece is suppose to be a timeline cover for facebook, i make timeline covers for friends....I like my style, i think its fun..... I dont believe i need to change anything, but i'll take your opinion... the banner i did was for my timeline cover which is i could have this, but i love doing my photomapulation, i just wanted to have fun with my signatures.... but i can do smaller ones, like the last one, so thanks for your opinion again...have a good day....
  5. I folllow tutorials...thats how i know how to make these, some of the signatures are made with a lot of renders and some are not... I'm not sure of what kind you all make, but thats how they are made.... here is one of my friend's piece
  6. paranormallily32:
  7. I had fun making this one... it was my friend's tutorial...
  8. I love this new piece...Learned from a tutorial....I'm a deviantart page is
  9. My name is Melanie, I live in Minnesota, USA...I'm not original from there....I was born in St. Louis, Missouri.. moved to Houston, Texas when i was 3, and then moved to Florida with my Adopted Family....I have lived in Pennsylvania and also Michigan and North Carolina....Im a single mom...and i love art...all kinds of it... I just became a Newbie with Signature Banners, I also do Photomapulations, which i learned by youtube Videos and picked up what others were doing and decided...Hey i want to try this, I also love 3d art as well...I'm into paranormal, but please don't judge, i'm really great person, and looking forward to meeting new people and learning all the techniques i possibly can learn....
  10. Hey All...


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      HaloReach 2

      Hey Paranormallily32,

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      I hope you enjoy your stay!

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      Im looking forward to it....

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