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  1. any kind of cnc are appreciated.... thanks a lot
  2. any kind of cncs are truly appreciated!! thanks~
  3. any kind of cnc are appreciated! thank you~
  4. i bet if you change the render/character into something darker looking , it would fit this piece awesomely. it is because i find the composition you did back there was almost dark, witchy feel kinda thing i think you get what i meant) hahaha. good job Freddie~
  5. i like the grunge feeling you put in this masterpiece mate! the combo of red-black colour never go wrong for me~ haha KIU!!
  6. awesome and this catch my attention right away. not just the colour but the composition-wise, it's SUPER genius! awesome KIU!!
  7. a tad too bright for me, i mean the lighting, which makes it look kinda forced. the effects you applied on the canvas was looking awesome, got some flow there....nice work! good luck btw~
  8. ive used this render before, quite challenging but i think you did some justice here....the colour looks great but i wish the BG part was brighter to match the render. aside from that, awesome work mate! KIU