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  1. its great to see a piece from you. I would had added a light source, as there appears to be a light and the face and hair and the left side of the hood. Nothing bright, as it would mess with the atmosphere. Keep going
  2. @MaloneI really like the work you have done in the background and the changing of the colouring is great I may have used some of the chain, coming from the Prince and heading back in to the back ground. Maybe making it smaller and blurred slightly. The eye will follow it and it should help add depth. I'm not saying you having no depth. Any way, I really like what you have done, its a great piece.
  3. How to Create Seamless Textures in Photoshop – Repeatable Patterns In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create seamless textures in Photoshop. We will use the Clouds Filter to generate the texture. But after learning the technique taught in this tutorial, you should be able to use any other image that you like. When creating a repeating tile texture from the same image you need to make sure that you remove the seam. Otherwise, you will see a hard edge where the sides of each image meet. To remove those seams or edges, you can use the Offset filter. This filter makes allows you to move the edges to a different part of the image so that you can see them better, and edit them if you need to. Link to Tutorial
  4. I hope you didn't get to hurt, running in to these walls? As for the piece, I love the texture that you use and the colouring that you create Thank you for sharing your work with us
  5. I really like the render that you have used. Everything looks really well done. Keep inspiring folk
  6. I liked the 1st version, but the remix version is pretty cool.
  7. Thank you
  8. Welcome DJ... Looking forward to seeing what you can do, at full steam
  9. I am so jealous, my work never looks that good. I love it, it is simple and well balanced Thank you for sharing
  10. Its great to see you again. Would love to see some of your work, maybe it will inspire some of the others.
  11. No effects, just adjustments. Going back to the basics, to them right! Canvas is also bigger than I would normally use.
  12. How to Create a Wanted Poster Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop by Melody Nieves 19 Jun 2017 Difficulty: Beginner Length: Medium Link to Tutorial Round up your favourite Western criminals with this fun wanted poster! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a Western-inspired photo manipulation. First we'll create the initial poster design as a Smart Object before nailing it onto a tree in Adobe Photoshop. Find more great Western Design inspiration on GraphicRiver.
  13. Welcome V3, it is truly great to see you again, bud. I think we all feel the same about SL. Hoof and Exodus have been known to call by, ever now and then Getting the family back together and adding to it, is what we are trying to do. Hit a few bumps in that road, but I think we are getting there. So lets see what you can do?
  14. Paint Drip Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo effects BY DHRUVAL_MODI · MAY 9, 2017 Its about time i did this tutorial on paint effect, i have done tons of tutorials in photoshop on paint splash effect but not a single one pain drip, so here it is. The best part is that not many people do it, so you can stand out better with this effect. also its simple af, so beginners can chill too. finding the correct brushes was the most tricky part, but i finally did and links are below. We will also be using some filters and textures for complere photo effect, filter is default butt texture is from deviant art so you can download that too….. And if you create something, share it on Instagram or Facebook, i would love to see it Link to Tutorial
  15. I've just seen this on DA and entered it for today's DSC with SL Not sure about the eyes, but I love everything else. The colours, the textures, it all strangely goes together. I love your work, it puzzles me how you create such wonders