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  1. Welcome V3, it is truly great to see you again, bud. I think we all feel the same about SL. Hoof and Exodus have been known to call by, ever now and then Getting the family back together and adding to it, is what we are trying to do. Hit a few bumps in that road, but I think we are getting there. So lets see what you can do?
  2. Paint Drip Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo effects BY DHRUVAL_MODI · MAY 9, 2017 Its about time i did this tutorial on paint effect, i have done tons of tutorials in photoshop on paint splash effect but not a single one pain drip, so here it is. The best part is that not many people do it, so you can stand out better with this effect. also its simple af, so beginners can chill too. finding the correct brushes was the most tricky part, but i finally did and links are below. We will also be using some filters and textures for complere photo effect, filter is default butt texture is from deviant art so you can download that too….. And if you create something, share it on Instagram or Facebook, i would love to see it Link to Tutorial
  3. I've just seen this on DA and entered it for today's DSC with SL Not sure about the eyes, but I love everything else. The colours, the textures, it all strangely goes together. I love your work, it puzzles me how you create such wonders
  4. Graffiti Portrait Effect | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects BY DHRUVAL_MODI · MAY 15, 2017 In this photoshop graffiti effect tutorial i will show you how apply your regular picture on a brick wall and blend it in a way so it looks like real graffiti. we will do all sorts of thing like color matching and using vanishing point to place image on the wall. Then to make effect look better we will do some adjustments and change the sky. it is very beginner friendly video, almost everyone can follow this photo effect without any problem and the best part is that it works on almost all type of images, with same steps. Link to Tutorial
  5. Just seen this over on DA I feel the render is a little too pale (white). I really like everything else Great work
  6. Pleased to meet you, Ezehkiel I have seen plenty of your work on DA Feel free to look around and comment
  7. Colourful parrot - lost in colours and shapes
  8. Nice to see you again. Nice pieces, seeing you have been away some time They seem a little grainy, but I assume you meant that. You have some straight lines, that I assume are the edges of the effects you have added, in the 2nd piece (middle right). Keep going, its always a pleasure to see your work
  9. Thank you @Lotus V EaterI get what you mean
  10. I like the effect, even if the piece is not quite finished, its not what I expected when I went to add the gmap!
  11. I have seen this render used, I really like the colouring and the lighting, I am not sure about the galaxy type background (that is what I think it looks like) Blending feels spot-on
  12. That is cool, I'm not too sure about the lighting, seems to whitewash the top a little too much That could be me though, i'm not sure It's a great piece and hopefully we'll get more entries to make it a good competition
  13. I don't see what I could do differently I like the text, well placed and just simple I wonder how it would look with an accent colour
  14. I have no cnc, I just really like what you have done
  15. I like the idea and the colouring Keep practising and you will be great
  16. SOTW #11 is open.

    Looking for members ideas for SOTW and anything else that you might like to see on the forum?

  17. That one is lots better, now we have a competition
  18. I really like the feel of this piece. Excellent work, great colouring
  19. You have time to change, as I extended the time I like TortueGFX's renders, there is a lot to choose from:
  20. I really like this, it feels like a painting Excellent work, keep going
  21. I really like what you have done, I just think the Captain should be a little bigger, as he seems a little lost in the effects
  22. You're welcome Clancker I am loving the way that you have used the fire effect. Maybe make the light source a little easier to see. Excellent work
  23. I am liking the lighting and colouring Great piece
  24. I like the colours that you have used I'd like to see a little shoulder, as she seems to have a long neck Great piece though
  25. Looks like an advert to me Excellent work! I want to be as good as you